Tim Draper stands by his prediction of a $250,000 bitcoin price.

Although the crypto-currency has not yet reached this level, he remains optimistic that this prediction will come true before the next half year.

The billionaire venture capitalist and crypto enthusiast revealed that he is wearing a T-shirt with the slogan “250K by 2022” illustrating his faith in the digital currency.

Halvening is an event that rewards those who mine bitcoin with fewer coins than before, adding to the scarcity of the crypto currency. Such an event usually encourages more people to join the market due to the anticipated price appreciation.

Tim Draper is a long-time supporter of bitcoin. He has been an advocate of decentralized digital currencies for many years and was an early investor in bitcoin. In 2014, he bought back nearly 30,000 bitcoins at an auction held by the U.S. Marshals Service that had been seized from Silk Road – the underground black market website founded by Ross Ulbricht.

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Draper believes that bitcoin can help individuals increase their financial sovereignty, bringing the “unbanked” into the global economy.

The venture capitalist has repeatedly stated that women would be able to take bitcoin over the 2023 mark.

The venture capitalist is known for successfully investing in early-stage startups such as Skype and Tesla. To date, he has invested in more than 200 companies working on disruptive technologies ranging from alternative energy to healthcare to financial technology and more.

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