Three electric cars with solar panels that can be pre-ordered now

Electric cars are good for the environment, but even better than these are electric cars equipped with solar panels. Fortunately, several models have appeared on the market, and three of them can be pre-ordered or booked right now.

The model that made perhaps the most waves is Aptera. In the top version, equipped with a 100 kWh battery pack, this vehicle can reach a range of 1,600 km.

The car is equipped with solar panels. They can provide enough energy on a sunny day for Aptera to cover 72 km, according to the manufacturer. Basically, the owners who live in almost always sunny areas will have to connect the car to the mains very rarely.

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Photo: Aptera

Depending on the equipment, Aptera will cost between 25,900 and 46,000 dollars. Custom variants can be priced even higher.

Another solar model, with more generous interior and luggage space, is the Lightyear One, developed by a Dutch company. The vehicle recently ran 710 km on a single full battery charge (60 kWh package).

Photo: Lightyear

The car also has solar panels, which add 12 km to the range every hour when the vehicle is exposed to the sun. The car will cost the equivalent of $ 170,000 and can already be booked. Deliveries will begin this summer.

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At the same time, Sono Motors has announced that its Sion model, equipped with solar panels, can be pre-ordered. Deliveries will begin in 2023.

Photo: Sono Motors

The car costs $ 32,500. With the battery pack fully charged, Sion can cover up to 305 km. While parked in the sun, the car is constantly charging.

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