Threat targeting millions of WhatsApp users revealed by ESET

Computer security solutions provider ESET warns that an unofficial app for the WhatsApp service, YoWhatsApp, is putting the security of user accounts at risk.

YoWhatsApp is available for the Android operating system. According to Bleeping Computer, we are dealing with a fully functional messaging app that uses the same permissions as the original.

However, YoWhatsApp includes additional features, such as the ability to further customize the interface or block access to some chats.

“The most vulnerable group that may be targeted by downloading these apps are young people, who may not be aware of the dangers. Moreover, they may not care about the risks, preferring the benefits of extra features over security,” says Jake Moore, Global Cyber Security Advisor for ESET.

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Cybersecurity experts have discovered that YoWhatsApp v2.22.11.75 is stealing login details for WhatsApp, allowing attackers to control user accounts. They can then blackmail users if they find compromising data, or use the information for other types of cyberattacks, such as gaining access to company networks.

Experts have also discovered a YoWhatsApp clone, called WhatsApp Plus, which is just as dangerous.

Jake Moore advises people to avoid using alternative apps to popular services.

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