This mic looks silly, but it’s practical

What looks like Tarantino unleashed the Gimp from Pulp Fiction is actually passive noise canceling.  (Images: RobinHiggins via Pixabay; Shiftall)

What looks like Tarantino unleashed the Gimp from Pulp Fiction is actually passive noise canceling. (Images: RobinHiggins via Pixabay; Shiftall)

Device manufacturer Shiftall introduced a truly unconventional microphone just last year (Metro, Gearnews). The device was named mutalk baptizes and isolates the user’s speech contribution. So far, so practical. However, once strapped to the head, the device looks rather…err…unfortunate?

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What is that mutalk? But first to the functionality, because it is relatively ingenious. Noise-cancelling headphones or soundproof rooms: wouldn’t it be great if there was a device that could directly intercept voices and make them inaudible to the environment? Is there now!

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How does the mouth VR headset work? The design of the mutalk is reminiscent of a VR headset, with the difference that you do not pull the device over your eyes – but over your mouth. But then it looks like a muzzle for humans or a sadomasochistic toy for the sauna club.

The quasi-muzzle is fixed using the straps included in the scope of delivery; these are strapped to the back of the user’s head. So you speak hands-free into the device.

What can the anti-decibal muzzle do? The mutalk is a soundproof Bluetooth microphone that shields your spoken language from the environment. At the same time, the microphone prevents ambient noise from penetrating the microphone. The manufacturer speaks of an insulation of around -30 dB. In other words: in terms of functionality, the mutalk is quite interesting.

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On the part of the device manufacturer Shiftall, the mic, which exposes its user, is advertised as a cheap alternative for soundproof cabins or soundproof rooms.

When is the device available? Perhaps the weirdest microphone in tech history from Shiftall should be available later this year. The purchase price should be around 140 US dollars.

What do you think of this crazy mic that makes you look like you’re getting ready for a…well…sadomaso party? Would you wear the device in public, or does the word shame mean nothing to you anymore? Let us know in the comments whether you think mutalk will prevail.

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