This machine allows you to exercise and generate electricity

Many people use stationary bikes and steppers to keep fit. These cardio activities can also have other benefits, such as producing free, green electricity.

The K-Tor Power Box 50 is a pedal fitness device that can be used to produce electricity. The device can charge a 3,000 mAh smartphone battery from 0 to 100% in about an hour if the user pedals at a speed of 1.5 cycles per second. Of course, the Power Box can provide electricity for any device that supports direct current, such as external batteries, GPS devices, torches or tablets.

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The electronics are plugged into the socket available on the Power Box 50, which is just like the ones in cars. Incidentally, according to the manufacturer, the device is designed to support the same accessories that can be charged from 12-volt car sockets.

K-Tor Power Box 50

A cable for direct charging of 12 V batteries is included in the package.

The solidly built device uses ordinary bicycle pedals which can be exchanged for commercially available ones if the user is not satisfied with them. The device can also be used for hand training.

The K-Tor Power Box 50 is smaller and lighter than a stationary bike and offers similar cardio benefits.

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K-TOR Power Box 50 – key technical features:

Generator power: 52 W (14 V, 3 A)
Voltage: 14 V
Weight: 3,20 kg
Dimensions: 33 x 23 x 18 cm

The Power Box 50 costs $445 on Amazon. There’s also a cheaper version ($225) that has a 20W generator.

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