This is how you could live in Kim Kardashian’s house -.

If you’re looking for a path to a big celebrity-sized house without having to be a steaming bag of hot air, you may have your chance now, as Kim Kardashian is looking for more male influence in her household.

Kardashian believes her home has a strong female influence, which has only grown since divorcing her former husband Kanye West. She has since hired a Manny or male nanny to help and give her sons a male influence.

“I do think my household and even my family is very female-dominated. I recently hired a ‘manny.’ I really wanted a male in the neighborhood who would pick them up and take them to sports and I was afraid to tell their father.”

So if you think you’re a manly man like no other, maybe you can apply kim kardashian and help with her childcare. We’re not sure what it means to be a Manny, but according to Richard Goodman, the co-founder of AthleteMannies, “many young boys lack positive male role models in their lives … who can teach valuable life skills, promote self-confidence and encourage them to have fun and play after school.”

Would you consider being a Manny?

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This is how you could live in Kim Kardashian's house

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