This electric scooter was co-developed by McLaren –

McLaren is not just a supercar manufacturer and a Formula 1 team. The car giant also has subdivisions dedicated to different parts of the broader technology world, and one of them, McLaren Applied, is all about advancing the mobility space. To that end, McLaren Applied has now partnered with Lavoie to help the electric scooter company develop its latest “high performance” e-scooter, the Series 1.

The e-scooter was designed using McLaren Applied’s expertise in safety analysis and design, all as part of a process to commit to quality and safety. This means that when the e-scooter is cruising at its top speed of over 25 mph, you can be confident that it will not give you.

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As for some of the other features the Series 1 looks to offer, it will include a 468Wh (702Wh for the upgraded Max edition of the scooter) Samsung 21700 battery that promises to kick out 650W of power and 30Nm of torque. The scooter will also come with three riding modes, including Eco, Cruise and Sport, with each tuned for speed or energy saving.

As for how much any of these scooters will sell for, the regular Series 1 starts at £1890 and the Series 1 Max at £2190, with each scooter coming in four colors, one of which is a deep orange reminiscent of McLaren’s iconic papaya color.

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This electric scooter was co-developed by McLaren

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