Ford launches a new Raptor: everything we know about the new model

The hardcore version of the new pickup gets a new look inspired by the F-150 and a substantial increase in power.

Ford’s Ranger Raptor pickup has replaced its 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine with a substantially more powerful 3.0-liter petrol V6 and has undergone a radical redesign influenced by the F-150 Raptor on the market. American.

It will be the first version of the new fourth-generation Ranger to go on sale in Europe, and deliveries will begin in late summer. The standard truck, unveiled in 2021, will follow by the end of this year.

The new 3.0-liter twin-turbo petrol V6 produces 284 hp. Although Ford has not yet revealed the performance figures, it is expected that the new Raptor will slightly exceed the previous version, which took 10.1 seconds to reach 100 km / h. However, the current 2.0-liter diesel engine will also be available on the 2023 Raptor.

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What Americans are preparing

A “racing product” anti-delay system, similar to that used by the Ford GT and Ford Focus ST supercars, keeps the turbos rotating for three seconds to allow the driver to return to power faster after completing a maneuver. , e.g.

Ford Performance Manager Justin Capicchiano said, “It’s a totally exciting experience. You have a V6 twin turbo petrol. It makes a lot of noise – I spent a lot of time in the sound lab – and it comes with the performance. We are really proud of him. “

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As with the previous Raptor, the changes from the standard far exceed the powertrain. The chassis has been extensively overhauled to improve off-road performance and durability, with new supports and reinforcements throughout, extended suspension with Fox dampers with 2.5-inch active valves with lower friction and a steel protection plate with a 2.3 mm thick which is twice the size of the standard Ranger.

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