They produce green energy and look good: ‘Tulip’ wind turbines – how much they cost and what advantages they have

Users of wind turbines can substantially reduce their electricity costs and help combat climate problems. When we think of such a device, the first thing that comes to mind is the horizontal axis and propeller models. But there are many types of wind turbines, and vertical wind turbines (with an axis perpendicular to the wind direction) are available in a wide variety of designs.

The relatively new “tulip” type models are unusual. In this case, manufacturers also place emphasis on the aesthetic side of the devices. As one manufacturer puts it, you must also like living next to these turbines.

A “tulip” model, the Beigood ROSE-1000, is available on Alibaba for just $389. The turbine has an effective power of 1,000 MW and produces current with a nominal voltage of 24 V. The wind turbine starts at minimum wind speeds of 1.5 m/s, generates electricity from 3 m/s and reaches maximum power at speeds of 11 m/s.

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Tulip-type wind turbine.

Viewed from above, the turbine, with two blades, is 50 cm in diameter. The blades are made of carbon fibre and can be ordered in different colours (green, blue, red, yellow, etc.). The device is weatherproof (IP54 certified).

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The manufacturer recommends mounting the turbine at an ideal height of 9 m (a height of 7 -12 m is recommended) and at altitudes below 4,500 m.

The ROSE-1000 has a protection system when the wind is very strong. The wind turbine is slowed down by an electromagnetic brake.

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Beigood also produces a rose model. These turbines have other advantages besides looking good: they are not dangerous to birds and other flying animals, and the noise they produce is lower.

The flower-type wind turbines are not a gimmick of Chinese sellers on Alibaba. The startup Flower Turbines produces such models in Europe, in different colours. The most affordable product, Small Wind Turbine – Survival Unit, costs $750.

The company’s products are already in use in the Netherlands, Israel, Germany and Colombia by companies and individual users.

Photo: Flower Turbines

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