Lidl Middle is full of surprises: Car and household products available at attractive prices

Lidl will have a rich offering of car and home gadgets in stores this week, and some are brand new.

In the car category, in addition to the vacuum cleaner with cleaning function and the cleaning gel we’ve already written about, there’s an Ultimate Speed car air compressor for £90. The device comes with four adapters, has a built-in pressure gauge, 3-meter long cord, and plugs into 12-volt car outlets. The compressor has an air flow of 35 litres/minute and operates up to a maximum pressure of 10 bar.

The digital tyre wear meter is a novelty. Also offered under the Ultimate Speed brand, the device has an LCD display showing the values. The measuring range is 0 – 25.4 mm and the accuracy is plus/minus 0.1 mm. The device costs 30 lei.

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The digital LCD display tyre profile measuring device sold by Lidl.

In winter, the seat cover with heating and massage functions, available for 139 lei, could be useful. The device has 4 selectable intensity settings for heat, includes power supply, car adapter and integrated pocket for the corded remote control. The cover can be set to automatically turn off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes after it is no longer in use. The device offers five massage programmes.

You can see the current offer of car products from Lidl here.

Starting Thursday, an electric milk frother arrives in Lidl stores, under the Silvercrest Kitchen Tools brand and priced at 149 lei. The appliance, which has 500 W of power, has four selectable programs: warm and stable milk froth, warm and creamy milk froth, cold milk froth and warm milk with a little foam. Lidl also sold a similar device under the SilverCrest brand. Here, in the video below, is how it works:

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