These VR glasses are intended for reading and cost a tenth of Apple’s Vision Pro

The Sol Reader looks like sunglasses, but you shouldn't wear them outside.  (Source: Sol Reader)

The Sol Reader looks like sunglasses, but you shouldn’t wear them outside. (Source: Sol Reader)

It’s cozy in the evening with the e-reader in bed. But then someone else writes on WhatsApp and pulls us out of the story. The Sol Reader is intended to prevent such promising distractions – after all, it is a pair of glasses and sits directly on the nose.

Sol Reader: Electric reading glasses

A 1.3-inch e-ink panel with a resolution of 256 x 256 pixels sits in the glasses of the glasses. That should be enough to read comfortably. Brightness and lighting can also be adjusted individually.

Die Displays des Sol Reader (Quelle: Sol Reader)

Die Displays des Sol Reader (Quelle: Sol Reader)

Lenses are also installed whose diopter number can be set manually (the range in which the values ​​move is not known). This does not exclude people who wear glasses.

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Above all, the device should convince with its easy handling. It looks like sunglasses and that’s how you put the Sol Reader on. No straps, nothing.

Further technical details read as follows:

  • Processor: 240 MHz Dual-Core
  • Random access memory: 8 MB RAM
  • Internal memory: 64 MB
  • Battery pack: Up to 25 hours
  • Weight: 104 Gramm

A small classification of the battery life: The average adult reading speed is 200 words per minute. That’s 12,000 words an hour. 25 hours corresponds to around 300,000 words. If you assume that a thick fantasy book has 100,000 words, you roll through three such hams with one load.

By the way, this is how you turn the page:

The Sol Reader remote control.  (Source: Sol Reader)

The Sol Reader remote control. (Source: Sol Reader)

Tapping on the screen is not possible with these VR glasses, so the included remote control is used. You can also use this to navigate through the menus. Using an associated app, you transfer books directly to the Sol Reader.

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price and availability

The Sol Reader is available for pre-order on the website for $350 in dark blue, gold, silver and black. However, there is a waiting list that you have to be put on.

The reading glasses will then be shipped in autumn. A few test devices have been delivered to early adopters, corresponding hands-ons can be found online.

You can read what we have to say about Apple’s new VR glasses here:

Kindle on the eyes? Electric reading glasses? The designations for the Sol Reader are truly manifold. Do you see a market for such a gadget? Could these glasses outperform e-readers? Or are you one of those people who still prefer to read a good old book? Tell us in the comments!

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