There is now official Dungeons &Dragons coffee –

It really feels like everyone and everything has their own coffee now. Between celebrities, to athletes, to movies and video games, you can find themed and branded coffees for just about anything, and this is now being expanded to include Dungeons & Dragons getting in on the action as well.

The Dungeons & Dragons Coffee Club has launched and as part of it, you can buy different coffee blends, be it the Italian roast Beholder Brew, or the single origin Dragonfire Roast.

And in the spirit of anything else, this coffee brand allows interested fans to sign up and subscribe to the club, hoping to get “free” stickers, coasters and a mug, while still getting frequent coffee deliveries.

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It is also mentioned that those looking for a decaffeinated blend of D &D coffee can pick up Displacer Decaf instead.

As for the prices of the blends, the Beholder Brew costs £8 and the Dragonfire Roast clocks in at £9 per bag, with both coming either as a ground coffee or a whole-grain variety to grind yourself.

There is now official Dungeons &Dragons coffee

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