The Tinder Swindler: Netflix documentary that could make you give up dating apps

The new documentary “The Tinder Swindler”, available on Netflix, shows what the dangers are when you try to find your half on dating applications.

The creators of the hit documentary “Don’t F ** ck With Cats” have released another production that has every chance of breaking the charts when it comes to this niche. The documentary is available on Netflix.

“The Tinder Swindler” tells the story of Simon Leviev, a 31-year-old man from Israel

“The Tinder Swindler”, the new Netflix documentary, focuses on the life story of Simon Leviev, an Israeli man who used to swindle women for money.

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His method was a relatively simple one: he profiled himself on the dating app mentioned in the title, uploaded photos showing that he was a very rich man and at the same time had an active and interesting life, and waited for women to fall into his trap. .

He always claimed to be a billionaire and the son of a diamond tycoon, Lev Leviev. Obviously, all this was not true, the real name of the man being Shimon Hayut.

Therefore, he managed to extract very large sums of money from his victims, under various pretexts supported by a well-developed plan. One of the women confessed that the fake Leviev managed to get $ 40,000 from her, while another accused the man of cheating her for no more and no less than $ 200,000.

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According to The Times of Israel, Hayut was convicted before he began hunting in Europe for theft and forgery in 2011, but he fled the country before being jailed for his actions.

He later changed his name to Simon Leviev and started working on Tinder, where he managed to fool at least four women. It is suspected that their number could be much higher.

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