The Solana BONK crypto debuts on Binance

The number 1 Binance can now be used to exchange BONK token on its platform. Visit price from same cornerwhich made its debut on Coinbase yesterday, has exploded this week.

This Friday at 9 a.m, Binance has listed Bonk (BONK) with USDT, FDUSD and TRY pairs.

The token SPL – based on the Solana blockchain – is offered with the “seed tag”, which aims to warn its customers of upcoming volatility. Withdrawals will open from tomorrow.

“In addition, Binance will add BONK as a new borrowable asset with this new isolated margin pair, within 48 hours from 15/12/2023 at 08:00 (UTC). New isolated margin pair: BONK/USDT”, said the exchange on its blog.

Launched in early 2023, BONK is the largest meme coin on Solana and now the 4th largest asset in terms of market cap on the network.

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The token’s price soared last month and continued its ascent in December in the wake of SOL’s rise and Thursday’s listing on Coinbase.

BONK price – tradingview

This morning, BONK touched a new ATH at 0.000033 dollar. Its price retreated after the opening of trading on Binance and is currently trading at around $0.000029, still up 103% over 24 hours and almost 1000% over 30 days.

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