The smartest women in the world. Top 10 women with the highest IQ

Throughout history, many women have proven to be brilliant in many areas, whether in education, in the workplace, or in life in general. Find out who is the top smartest woman in the world.

The top smartest women in the world

There are some women who have an exceptionally high IQ level, even higher than the smartest men who have ever existed. Here are ten of the smartest women ever born.

10. Olivia Manning: (IQ 162)

At a very young age of only 12, when many children enjoy playing with friends and hate homework, Olivia Manning had been tested by the Mensa IQ Supervised test. Everyone was surprised when she found out about her score, which was over 160. The score “160” is a special one, because it was obtained by Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Olivia, at such a young age, had managed to surpass these popular legends in terms of IQ score.

9. Fabiola Mann: (IQ 162)

Fabiola Mann is a 21-year-old girl who scored 162 points at Mensa, and is 2 points ahead of Albert Einstein and the famous physicist Stephen Hawking. Mann loves to play chess and has always wanted to study medicine. She graduated from Northwood College School for Girls in London. Mann also owns a purple karate belt and loves to play the guitar.

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8. Judit Polgar: (IQ 170)

Judit Polgar, born on July 23, 1976, is considered the best chess player in the world. When he was only 15, he won the title of Grand Master in Chess. He entered the list of FIDE Top 100 players at an early age and broke records. Judith has other accomplishments and titles. She played against many famous chess masters, including Vishwanathan Anand and Garry Kasparov, and has an IQ of 170. In addition, she was named one of the smartest people in the world.

7. Ruth Lawrence: (IQ 175)

Ruth Elke Lawrence-Naimark or Ruth Lawrence is a British mathematics teacher and has worked in the field of algebraic topology. Born in 1971, Ruth Lawrence was known as a genius and one of the smartest women. At just 10 years old, she easily passed the Oxford entrance exam and was the youngest person in modern times to graduate from Oxford. It has an IQ score of 175, which is amazingly high.

6. Grace Hopper: (IQ 175)

Grace Hopper was a popular computer scientist in the United States. When he was 34, he tried to join the navy, but was unsuccessful. Subsequently, he decided to join the field of calculations and remains unmatched in this field even to this day. She earned the title of “Amazing Grace”, as well as 40 honorary degrees from several universities around the world and had an IQ of 175.

5. Germaine Stael: (IQ 180-185)

Germaine Stael, also known as Madame de Stael, was born in Paris in 1766 and was a French political activist. She was also a famous writer and wrote numerous works. Germaine was Napoleon’s main opponent and critic. Various tests have calculated her IQ level, and the score was between 180 and 185. Although she is in 5th place, she was one of the smartest women of her time.

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4. Marie Curie: (IQ 185)

Marie Curie is one of the most iconic and powerful figures in history and had a strong IQ score of 185. She was a French-Polish chemist and physicist, best known for her work in radioactivity. He won two Nobel Prizes – in 1903 for physics and in 1911 for chemistry. Marie Curie, in fact, is the most popular scientist ever known, and it would take thousands of pages to write her achievements and contributions.

3. Marilyn vos Savant: (IQ 190)

Marilyn vos Savant is popular for her intelligence and has a high IQ score of 190. She is a magazine writer. In one of them he has a special section “Ask Marilyn”, where he answers many questions and solves various puzzles. Her name even appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records due to her high IQ. She is one of the smartest women of all time.

2. Hypatia: (IQ 190+)

Hypatia, the daughter of the popular mathematician Theon of Alexandria, was born in 351-370 BC. He was a Greek philosopher, astronomer, and mathematician in Egypt and later in the Eastern Roman Empire. Hypatia is believed to have invented many scientific instruments such as the astrolabe and the hydrometer. He has co-authored and authored various commentaries and treatises. She is known as one of the greatest minds ever known, with an IQ score of over 190. She is also noted as one of the smartest women with the highest IQ.

1. Edith Stern: (IQ 200)

Edith Stern is one of the smartest women ever born. He was a genius from childhood and even before he was a year old he could make calculations and make complete sentences. Like other geniuses, he graduated with many degrees before turning eighteen. She holds more than 128 U.S. patents in her name. Her IQ score is about 200, and in some IQ tests, she scored more than that.

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