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Bethesda Game Studios invites you to learn more about the people and cultures of Starfield with The Settled Systems – A Starfield Animated Anthology. The Settled Systems offers a look at three of the largest cities in Starfield. Follow a delivery pilot in New Atlantis in search of the exciting life of the elite; a stranded orphan looking for a way out of Akila City; and two street rats struggling to survive in the underbelly of Neon.

Supra Et Ultra
In the city of New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies, a courier pilot named Kent wants to live in the most desirable part of the Settled Systems. After joining the UC Vanguard and working his way up to the capital’s elite, Kent soon realizes that the adventures that await him off-planet are what he truly craves.

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Where Hope is Built
Vanna, an Akila orphan from the famous Colony Wars desperately wants to explore the stars and there is only one thing standing in her way: a working ship. Her search for repair parts leads her throughout the city and puts her in unexpected danger as she approaches her dream.

The Hand that Feeds
Two Neon street rats, Ada and Harper, are partners in crime who make ends meet by robbing the rich partygoers who come to the “pleasure town” to indulge themselves. When Ada faces a moral dilemma, she soon attracts the attention of the all-seeing Ryujin industries, who offers her an exciting new opportunity. But at what price?

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Starfield will be released Sept. 6 on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Players can pre-order now or play the game on day one with Game Pass. If you pre-order the Premium or Constellation Edition, players will get access to the game up to five days earlier, depending on the purchase date and subject to possible glitches and time zone differences.

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