The Sandbox partners with Renault to offer Web3 automotive services

Metaverse The Sandbox and automaker Renault have entered into a partnership agreement to create a virtual automotive experience for metaverse users.

The partnership, which was announced Monday, will allow metaverse users to experience vehicles in the virtual space. As part of the latest partnership, Renault will also launch marketing campaigns with several brands on The Sandbox platform.

The automaker said after the announcement that it is dedicated to using the many opportunities created in the virtual world to power next-generation machines and will focus on virtual reality, gaming, NFT and blockchain.

The new digital journey our company is preparing is designed to provide customers with an expanded brand experience and familiarity with the brand“, said Stéphane Deblaise, CEO of Renault in Korea where the agreement was signed.

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The Sandbox also said that both parties now intend to build a long-term relationship to attract potential users, especially young people who are familiar with the digital world.

According to Cindy Lee, CEO of The Sandbox, the alliance would focus on providing innovative experiences that integrate vehicles and digital assets into The Sandbox.

This partnership is a great example of the collaboration that The Sandbox can develop without any industry boundaries“, she said.

In recent months, The Sandbox has been actively encouraging its investors, partners and developers to be more creative, and has allowed people to own virtual land to create their own virtual environment.

The metaverse gaming platform also plans to introduce a gaming station with 5,000 games by the end of 2023 and has already implemented in-game employment opportunities, allowing for virtual employment.

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In an effort to accelerate metaverse adoption, the gaming platform has recently entered into several investment partnerships. The Sandbox and LOTTE WORLD, South Korea’s largest entertainment park, entered into a partnership in July.

The Sandbox said it will leverage LOTTE WORLD’s content intellectual property rights for the launch of global NFT games. The gaming platform also revealed that its partnership with LOTTE WORLD tended to provide numerous experiences capable of expanding adoption in the space.

Renault now joins a plethora of other major organizations that have ventured into the metaverse to develop innovations and features to provide people with new experiences.

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