The Romanian film that breaks all records on Netflix: it just filled the theaters, and Teambuilding is on the internet

The production starring Matei Dima, Micutzu and Șerban Pavlu proved an instant hit on Netflix too.

The film, released in cinemas at the end of September 2022, is a satire of corporate life, with funny happenings from a treambuilding in which corporates let loose, finally showing their human side. Filming took place in Bucharest and in the mountains between July and September 2021.

After having gathered 983,000 viewers and 23.16 million lei in three months by the end of the year, according to Cinemagia, Teambuilding is now taking the Netflix platform by storm.

Teambuilding has joined the Netflix platform as of January 1. In just two days, the comedy has reached the top of the most watched productions on the streaming platform in Romania.

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The cast includes Matei Dima, Micutzu, Anca Dinicu, Nicu Banea, Șerban Pavlu, Roxana Condurache, Cristi Pulhac, Monica Odagi and Nuami Dinescu.

Important investment

“Teambuilding” became the highest-grossing Romanian film of all time: in its 13-week run it had over 980,000 viewers and grossed over €4.6 million. The investment was about €800,000.

“The investment in “Teambuilding” was almost 800,000 euros, quite a big one for a Romanian film. The fact that it was so successful makes us happy and reassures us, if it didn’t work… we risked ending up on the streets. The moral? Don’t take risks unless you really believe in something”, said Matei Dima, in an interview with Adevărul.

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“Success is measured by what you set out to achieve. We set out to do that and it exceeded expectations. Beyond the money, it’s about the hundreds of thousands of people who went to see the film. It’s about the fact that they laughed, that they had a good time.

“Teambuilding” is a film with everything: easy jokes, situational humor, black humor at times, the way I think comedy should be. I think it has it all and because of that it worked and it was successful,” he added.

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