The Penguin will continue the story of The Batman: what we know so far about the upcoming HBO Max series

The Batman spin-off series, The Penguin, has already begun casting, under the HBO Max banner. It will reportedly focus on Sofia Falcone, daughter of the infamous Gotham mob boss.

DC Studios is banking on the development of Matt Reeves’ The Batman universe. Starring Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, The Batman was a reimagining of the iconic hero.

Before it hit theaters, HBO Max had already begun work on several spinoffs set in the world of The Batman, with Reeves as executive producer. One of them is The Penguin, focusing on Colin Farrell’s character, who made his antagonistic debut in The Batman. While plot details are being kept under wraps, it has been confirmed that the action in The Penguin will take place a week after the events of The Batman.

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Who will play Sofia Falcone in The Penguin

The good news is that the HBO drama Max has started casting. Variety reports that Made for Love and How I Met Your Mother star Cristin Milioti is joining spin-off series The Batman as Sofia Falcone, daughter of infamous Gotham City mob boss John Turturro’s character in Reeves’ film.

The Penguin will be the second major live-action series from DC to feature Sofia.

Certainly, The Penguin will maintain the connections to the Falcone family that were begun in The Batman. It’s unclear if Carmine, played by Turturro, will appear in the series, but it wouldn’t be out of the question.

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So in 2023, production will officially begin on The Penguin. It remains to be seen if the script will in any way affect a possible The Batman 2, since rumors are also pointing towards including a sequel on the big screen, especially considering that The Batman has left enough loopholes open so that at some point it could be continued right from there.

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