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The owner of a Xiaomi phone reportedly died after it caught fire right in the victim’s bed


Xiaomi is investigating allegations made on Twitter by relatives of a woman who allegedly died in a fire caused by a Xiaomi Redmi 6A phone whose battery allegedly exploded right in the victim’s bed.

The incident reported on September 9 is already being investigated by the company’s representatives, with Xiaomi promising to treat the issue seriously, which could indicate a security risk to other Xiaomi phone users as well.

According to details provided in the post distributed on Twitter, the woman fell asleep with her phone very close to her face area, possibly pinned between her pillow and ear area. Occurring during the night, the battery explosion would have caused her very serious head injuries, with death occurring virtually instantly.

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Although reported in India, the incident concerns a smartphone model available in other regions of the world, including Romania. Thus, Xiaomi’s investigation with local authorities in India could have serious implications for the company if the Redmi 6A phones are shown to pose a real security risk to users.

However, it’s worth saying that, considering the several million Redmi 6A units sold in the 4 years since it was launched, the reported incident appears more like an accident that occurred under very unfortunate circumstances (phone pressed between face and pillow while sleeping) than an indicator for serious problems with Xiaomi phones.

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