The Crown expands its cast: who will play Prince William in the new season

Although it’s been a long time coming, here’s our chance to get “in touch” with the British Royal Family once again via Netflix’s The Crown, which will return with season 5 this year.

Deadline wrote that Netflix has found William and Kate already. Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey have both been cast in the role, with Kampa portraying the teenage version of William, while McVey will portray the slightly more mature version of the prince, with the story centering on when he first met Kate.

Meanwhile, newcomer Meg Bellamy has been cast as the Duchess, and as far as we know, she is the only one who will play Kate Middleton. So while there will be two actors portraying William in that time slot, it looks like Bellamy will be handling Kate on her own. However, it’s possible that another actress will be cast later to play an older Kate.

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The two “William’s” will make their Netflix debut soon

Both Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey have worked in the theater. For her part, Bellamy is no stranger to the stage either.

All three will make their screen debuts with season 6 of The Crown, which is said to begin filming this year.

While season 6 is still up in the air, fans are eagerly awaiting season 5 of The Crown, which is coming to Netflix sometime in November.

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Next season will show us Imelda Staunton taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth II for the final two seasons, as well as Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana, or Dominic West as Prince Charles.

Season 5 will focus on events before 1997, when Princess Diana dies in a terrible car accident, while season 6 shows the events afterwards will increasingly mirror those of the present.

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