The Justice League takes on Godzilla and Kong -.

From aliens ending the world to the heads of evil corporations, the Justice League has seen it all. In a new comic event running from October, however, they meet their greatest enemies ever in the form of Godzilla and Kong.

The trailer, which you can see below, sets up a fairly straightforward plot premise. Godzilla and Kong are causing chaos and it’s up to our hooded crusaders to stop them. From some of the cover images revealed, it looks like we are going to see spectacular nonsense in these comic issues, with Batman having a giant mech to fight Godzilla with.

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This seems to be a perfect mashup for those who just love to see total action and big explosions happening all over a city. Nothing wrong with that at all, and it seems to be a crossover that has been years in the making.

Do you read Justice League vs. Kong vs. Godzilla?

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