The iPhone 15 may spell doom for the iPhone mini series -.

The iPhone 15 is expected to be unveiled by Apple in a presentation tomorrow, but the introduction of one new phone could spell doom for two more as it looks like the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini could be discontinued.

MacRumours reports that the smaller models have proved unpopular, with the iPhone 11 actually selling better than any of its newer, smaller counterparts. Some of the mini models are said to have a 6-8 week wait time, indicating that Apple is dropping the small screens in favor of having at least 6 inches on its phones going forward.

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If you are looking for a smaller screen or a phone that doesn’t stick out of your pocket, your best bet is probably the iPhone SE, but it is significantly smaller than the iPhone 12 mini or 13 mini.

It seems that bigger really is better, at least in Apple’s eyes.

iPhone 15 could spell doom for iPhone mini series

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