The Govern reinforces the prevention of sexual violence with Punts Liles

The Govern de la Generalitat has launched a set of training actions to improve the prevention of sexual violence in nightlife.. With the arrival of summer and the increase of concerts and major festivals, the Govern has reinforced the prevention strategies available to municipalities. So far, more than 200 people from 170 different municipalities have already joined this initiative.

Improving the prevention of sexual violence. How are the trainings?

The trainings for the prevention of sexual violence in nightlife have been taking place during the month of July and already have several editions throughout the country. If the demand from the municipalities continues, additional sessions may be scheduled in September.

As far as the training sessions themselves are concerned, they are structured as follows. three blocksThe first block makes an approximation of the male violence in nightlife venues and the possible prevention and action strategiesamong which are the so-called Punts Liles.

The second block of the formations is aimed at the. practical advice for the creation or revision of the operation of existing Punts Liles.

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Finally, the third block pays particular attention to the approach circuits and the coordination of the different agents involved in the response to sexual violence in nightlife venues. The different roles and tasks of each member of the approach circuits are discussed, as well as those of the persons who carry out the necessary preventive sensitization as well as those who must act in case of aggression.

The challenge of networking and knowing how to adapt it to the needs of each territory.

Each of the three blocks of content corresponds to a training session. The first two blocks are in telematic format and the third takes place in person. In addition, in order to be able to properly land the training in each context, the students of the different sessions have been grouped by territories. The aim is to promote networking among municipalities, a network that takes into account the specific needs of the smaller municipalities or micro-villages in Catalonia, which often face different challenges from the larger population centers.

National Strategic Plan for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence.

The trainings for the prevention of sexual violence in nightlife are part of the National Strategic Plan for the Prevention of Gender Violence that the Government intends to announce during the first quarter of 2023. One of the persons in charge is the Deputy Director of Awareness and Prevention of the Department of Equality and FeminismsRubén Sánchez Ruiz. In his own words, he explains the objective of the trainings: “We wanted to strengthen the networking and promote community co-responsibility in the face of violence. By ‘co-responsibility’ we refer to the shared responsibility that we have institutions and society when it comes to preventing sexual violence. That is why we are committed to the training of technical staff and provide local authorities and entities with tools as concrete as necessary to address sexual and gender-based violence. We cannot leave them alone, the response to this challenge can only be a community one and this is our commitment”.

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What is a Punt Lila?

A Punt Lila is a security space for the prevention of harassment, abuse and sexual and sexist aggressions in public spaces. Punt Lila is also the first point of reference, advice and action in the event of any type of male violence into a leisure space. With the arrival of summer, major festivals and other events, the Punts Liles become a place of leisure. a key tool in the first line of victim care. They are, therefore, a necessary space of service to the citizenship and, as such, the Government of the Generalitat wanted to reinforce them with the training of the staff that manages them. The objective: a nightlife free of violence.

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