The Galaxy Xcover6 Pro is Samsung’s most repairable phone in years. What it looks like on the inside (VIDEO)

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro, Samsung’s newest phone in its lineup of high-endurance devices, has been disassembled down to the last component, exposing a construction that favors easy repairs.

Although it comes in an IP68-certified case for water and dust protection, plus MIL-STD-810H certification for shock and crush resistance, the Galaxy XCover6 Pro is more readily accessible for repairs than any other smartphone in Samsung’s offering. For example, it’s probably the only next-generation smartphone that comes with a removable battery, which can be swapped out by simply removing the cover affixed to the back of the phone. Remarkably, the concession made in no way affects water protection, as the cover is fitted with a gasket seal that does not require gluing or reapplication.

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Published on the PBKreviews YouTube channel, the disassembly of the Galaxy Xcover6 Pro reveals a very affordable design for repair, with Samsung engineers delivering a phone that can be disassembled with almost only a screwdriver, avoiding strong adhesives as much as possible. Probably the most commendable aspect is the inclusion of a removable and sufficiently large capacity battery. Treated as an accessory, it can be swapped out in a matter of moments with the spare kept in luggage, restoring the phone’s battery life without unwanted downtime. With this system, you can have virtually unlimited battery life on your travels, the only condition being that you have enough spare batteries.

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Of course, the very rugged and easily repairable design comes with some compromises, at 9.9mm thick and weighing 235 grams, the Xcover6 Pro is one of the bulkiest 6.6-inch screen phones on the market.

Overall, it’s debatable whether the Galaxy Xcover6 Pro really is any more practical to use than a regular smartphone with water protection, but protected in a good quality removable case. After all, the protective case can be replaced more easily than the phone when damaged in a minor accident.

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