The first tests are enthusiastic, but the hefty price is not the only shortcoming

How does the Apple Vision Pro fare in the first hands-on tests?  (Source: Apple)

How does the Apple Vision Pro fare in the first hands-on tests? (Source: Apple)

For a long time, the sparrows were whistling from the roofs, late Monday evening the time had come: Apple presented its first XR headset, the Vision Pro, which is intended to inspire with a mix of virtual and augmented reality.

Even if the Vision Pro is not officially released until the beginning of next year, the first testers have already been able to examine the headset – according to individual reviewers, however, photos and videos were not allowed to be taken.

In contrast to the unrestricted control of the Vision Pro, however, the use for the testers was limited. They were only allowed to use the XR glasses for half an hour as part of a demo supervised by Apple, as explained by YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

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Vision Pro: The Best Virtual Reality Headset Ever?

Basically: The Vision Pro is an impressive piece of technology. The headset is no less than a real leap in terms of performance and implementation of virtual realities, according to the TechCrunch portal.

The Vision Pro should bring a lot of joy, especially in the entertainment sector. Films, series and sports events are one incredible experiencesays the 9to5Mac report.

Lauren Goode takes a similar line in Wired magazine: The Vision Pro shows its full strength in the dynamic world of entertainment. Especially the immersion and the adjustable degree of this were absolutely convincing.

According to the reviewers, anyone who is worried about the operation of the Vision Pro can put it aside. The intuitive user guidance is unanimously praised, but Brownlee lacks haptic feedback due to the controller-less control.

It’s not just the price that worries

Now, of course, thanks to a whopping price of $3,500, the Vision Pro is no bargain; but this sum is not the main criticism of the XR glasses.

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Rather, the question arises in many places: is there even a market for such a product?

As The Verge report explains, among other things, it is not clear what the headsets are actually used for at the end of the day.

Something similar is written in the Stratechery test, but Apple doesn’t need to worry, at least at the start. Many first-time buyers would get the Vision Pro because they Apple Super-Fans or interested in innovative value of the glasses are.

A second criticism of the Vision Pro is that chunky weightwhich, according to the Wired test, becomes noticeable after a while.

9to5Mac also confirms the sentiment, although it praises how easily the Vision Pro can be adjusted to the head and is generally quite comfortable to wear.

Will the Apple Vision Pro revolutionize the AR or VR headset market? Can you imagine using the glasses in the long term? If yes, for what? Do you think the price for the Vision Pro is justified? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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