The first Star Trek movie gets “modern clothes”: what’s new in the 4K version

If there was ever a Star Trek movie that needed consistent change, both artistically and in terms of reputation, it was the first feature film ever made.

Considered by critics to be boring and barren, when it first appeared, its nickname in the Fandom Trek was, for a long time, “The Motionless Picture”, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” was first released in 1979.

In 1997, director Robert Wise began the process of re-examining the film, setting up a directorial edition, at the dawn of the DVD era, in 2001. For some reason, the best version of the film fell into obscurity, being unavailable to the public. large. Now, 20 years after Wise’s modified film debuted, the version has been upgraded to a 4K remaster for Paramount +.

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Robert Wise’s “Star Trek” is being modernized for the first time

Robert Wise’s career began in 1934 and lasted until the 2000s. Ambersons ”. The special effects were eventually completed by Douglas Trumbull and John Dykstra.

The length was a problem for the film, a 90-minute TV pilot extended to more than two hours, inflated with too many frames with special effects giving rise to much dissatisfaction in the case of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”. Paramount would later produce an even longer version of the film, allowing ABC to screen a 143-minute TV version, which included deleted and unfinished scenes.

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There is a rumor, apparently linked to a post on a forum in 2016, that suggests that Wise cut the film in 1980 to be 12 minutes shorter.

It is said that the new project, which was announced in July 2021, “is not necessarily a restoration”, but a modification, so that the film is better than the original version. This meant scanning the raw material and recomposing it to perform a 4K scan of the film originally made on 35mm film.

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