The first original Netflix series you may not know: why it’s important

There is a series, released by Netflix, in the period 2012-2014, about which you certainly did not know. Or, if you know him, you’re part of the club of the few.

On February 6, 2012, “Lilyhammer” was released, the first original series to premiere on Netflix and introduced the notion of binging (launching all TV seasons simultaneously). Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos marked the anniversary with an essay posted on the official website of the streaming channel, but also with a discussion with Van Zandt, in which the two remember how the series ended up on Netflix.

Both Sarandos and Van Zandt talked about the symbolism behind the first original Netflix movie, referring to a local Norwegian production with subtitles.

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“When you think of the first original Netflix series, what do you think of? Litchfield Correctional Institute? No, not this one. Our first original series was Lilyhammer and today, February 6, marks the 10th anniversary of its historic Netflix premiere, “Ted Sarandos wrote in his letter.

Letter from Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of streaming giant Netflix

“One of the highlights of Netflix’s history began in a recording studio near the North Sea. Bergen is the place where Norwegian creators Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjørnstad approached Stevie Van Zandt about a new film they wrote for him, set in a Norwegian town called Lillehammer. A few months later, hearing that Netflix was looking for original content, I got a direct call from Stevie, who wanted to send us the show. I asked if I could read the script, and Stevie said The script? I can send you all season. We watched it and we liked it “, Sarandos also wrote in his letter published on the Netflix website.

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At the end of the letter, he would like to thank all those who made Lilyhammer a reality: “Thank you for this incredible journey of ten years. It is always difficult to predict what will happen in the next ten, but one thing is certain: we will have many other great stories to tell ”.

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