The first images of Pixel 7 from Google have reached the internet. It only launches in the fall

Google Pixel 6 images have been on the Internet since last spring, even though the phone only hit the market in the fall. The winter is not over yet, but we already have the first unofficial images with Google Pixel 7, based on Google’s official plans. Traditionally, the company has failed to keep secrets about its unreleased products, with images of Google’s folding phone and smart watch already in place since 2021, although they are only expected to hit the market by mid-2022.

Unofficial images with Google Pixel 7, published on the internet

The design of what appears to be the new Pixel 7 smartphone does not surprise us. It retains the overall outline of last year’s Pixel 6, with minor changes in just a few areas. Basically, the Pixel 7 will be just a little cosmetic Pixel 6, as it happens with the smartphones of other companies, which bring significant changes only once every few years.

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The images show only the “small” version, the “standard” Pixel 7, with a flat screen and only two cameras on the back. Unlike the cameras on the Pixel 6, which are arranged independently of each other, the 3D model made by OnLeaks shows that the two cameras are integrated in a single module. The flash is located on the opposite side of the case, also on the embossed black bar.

No major upgrades are expected inside either. Pixel phones will most likely integrate a new Tensor chipset produced by Samsung, with regular generational improvements. Phone screens are likely to have diagonals the same size, while Google is a company known for keeping identical photo hardware for generations.

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Pixel phone users are probably expecting better software on the Pixel 7 (and improvements through updates on the Pixel 6), as many have complained about problems in recent months. Recently, Google confirmed that it will fix the Wi-Fi connectivity issues on the Pixel 6 with a future update.

source: OnLeaks

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