The film that breaks all the charts, few Romanians would dare to watch it all the way through. The worldwide phenomenon “Winnie the Pooh, Blood and Honey”

The film that manages to top all the charts is “Winnie the Pooh, Blood and Honey”, but it is not a film recommended for children, like the cartoons we all know from childhood.

While Winnie the Pooh still prefers honey, the newest film also imagines him a great lover of… blood. A dangerous psychopath is the new feature of the teddy bear beloved by all children, with the newest film production being considered an oddity.

The film is to be released on February 15, and the budget invested was quite small. Several fans have expressed dissatisfaction with this reinvention of the character.

“It’s crazy. We’ve had petitions to stop filming. I’ve received death threats. Some people have told me they’ve called the police,” said the film’s director, Rhys Frake-Waterfield.

Even though Disney has owned the license to the cartoon, in which Winnie the Pooh has various adventures with his friends Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger, for decades, legal protection of Alan Alexander Milne’s books has expired.

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Thus the character entered the public domain, making this “nightmare” interpretation possible. The first footage of the film shows Winnie and Piglet lurking in the shadows of a young girl in a hot tub, and it went viral last year.

Originally, the film was set for a modest theatrical release, while the budget allocated was only $250,000. It seems that over time, it has become a phenomenon, so it will benefit from a worldwide release.

The horror film that will break cinema charts

The film is already playing on big screens in Mexico where it has already managed to earn its first million dollars in its first two weeks. It could become the highest-grossing film in cinema history, according to film experts.

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The director has even set his sights on dethroning the $15,000 Paranormal Activity, which was released in 2009 and has since grossed $1 billion. Even though the copyright has expired, reinventing it can’t be done entirely.

Also, the license held by Disney that was renewed indefinitely prohibits anyone from being able to release a Winnie-related product that could be confused with the original.

“There can be no suggestion that (…) the product is being promoted by Disney or is affiliated or associated with it in any way, because Disney still enjoys strong trademark protection,” explained attorney Aaron Moss.

The same lawyer said the film is not recommended for the whole family and shows nothing of what viewers might expect. The director wanted his reinterpretation to portray a big, creepy bear, not what we all know, a cute little bear. The director said he already had a sequel in the works, as well as other films inspired by Bambi and Peter Pan.

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