The fastest gaming monitor in the world reaches 500Hz refresh rate and comes from China

Created by the Chinese manufacturer BOE, the fastest gaming monitor in the world has been announced via social networks and comes with a refresh rate of 500Hz, enough even for the most demanding competitive gamers.

Available to buyers in China, the monitor for gaming enthusiasts who put speed first comes with a 27-inch diagonal and only Full HD resolution. While the clarity of the image certainly suffers, the framerate has at least a chance to get close to the stunning values ​​needed to highlight the capabilities of this monitor, at least in some games.

By comparison, the fastest gaming laptops delivered by manufacturers such as Asus, Acer and Alienware cap the image refresh rate at 360Hz, which is generally considered sufficient for most situations.

Although it looks good in the spec list, the refresh rate is not exactly the absolute measure of performance, outlined by some monitor manufacturers. The equations include other factors such as the response time of the LCD technology used, the ability of the PC used to reach that frame rate, and the user’s ability to notice the difference, for example, between a monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz and a monitor. 240Hz, or more. In general, the perceived benefits on the image clarity side are more easily noticeable between the 60Hz and 120Hz thresholds, with the actual speed of the LCD panel (response time, measured in milliseconds) becoming more important after this threshold. For example, an LCD monitor with TN technology and 120Hz refresh rate will be noticeably better than a hypothetical LCD monitor with IPS technology and refresh rate at 240Hz, simply because the ghosting effect is less noticeable on the TN monitor.

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500hz monitor

In this case, it seems that we are dealing with a new generation LCD technology, called high-mobility oxide backplane, which allows the use of ultra-high reresh rates without the benefits being canceled by the screen with time. insufficient response.

Unfortunately, the announced product still exists at most at the prototype stage, it remains to be seen how long it will take until the new type of screen will be commercially available. In addition, being a niche product for a select category of users, the new ultra-fast LCD screen is unlikely to deliver the viewing angles and contrast levels appreciated by conventional IPS solutions. Another potential obstacle to an absolutely ideal gaming experience is hardware requirements, with only a few models of NVIDIA and AMD graphics accelerators being able to reach the threshold of 500 frames per second in games, the cost of such a PC quickly reaching dizzying.

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