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The Fabulous Fear Machine is a narrative strategy game with a pulp-horror style. As the new Master of the Machine, you must create fear and expand your influence by creating Legends, collecting resources, manipulating events and spying on your enemies.

In the first campaign, players are introduced to Jen Hammond, a scientist and industrialist turned evil mastermind. Jen guides players through the basic mechanics of the game and explains how she expands her influence from landing a “fear seed” to the farthest reaches of the map. As Jen’s domain grows, so does the pressure to perform against rival powers and random social events that may force a change of plans. Players will also meet other Masters in the game, operating in different regions, such as the Americas, who have advanced mechanisms they must contend with, including psychic locks and “Utopias” (basically anti-Legends).

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– Choose your poison. From cryptids like the Black Dog, to urban legends like Bloody Mary, to conspiracies like Reptilians: with over 80 Legends to choose from, you can create a custom mix of terror for each city you visit.
Horror has evolved. Plant the seeds of fear in fertile soil. Watch and listen how the media respond to your Legends. Feed them and watch them become more powerful and effective.
– The job is well done. Your strength lies in devising strategies; leave the dirty work to your agents. Send them to explore new locations and infiltrate your enemies, while making interesting choices along the way.
An equal and opposite reaction. Both rivals and good forces seek to undo the Machine’s influence for their own purposes. Plan accordingly, or you may find your own Legends twisted into inspirational stories, mascots or other sugary clichés.
– A story as old as time. You direct the stories of different Masters operating in different parts of the world. Along the way, discover the history of the Machine, its enemies and the agents who help you.
Horror fans may remember seeing The Fabulous Fear Machine at the IGN Awesome Indies showcase and Future Games Show during Gamescom 2022; since then, the demo has added localization in 4 languages, a streamlined tutorial and more classic comic book-style art. The Strategy Fest demo for The Fabulous Fear Machine is now available on Steam.

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