The DEX Merlin would have been hacked during its token sale

Despite a recent audit, Merlin would have been the victim of a hack during the sale of its tokens MAJE. According to Certikit would be a private key management problem . New Rug pullover ?

This morning, Merlina newly launched decentralized cryptocurrency exchange protocol based on layer2 zkSync has announced that its service has been hacked. Can anyone revoke access to the site connected to your wallets/signature authorization , added DEX, without giving further details.

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According to Certik, which had recently audited the protocol, the root cause was actually a private key management problem and not a hack.

While audits can’t prevent private key issues, we always highlight best practices for projects. If a criminal act is discovered, we will work with the appropriate authorities and share relevant information.” tweeted blockchain cybersecurity startup.

Certik further states that its report on DEX indicated a risk of significant centralization.

The feat, which took place early Wednesday during the public sale of tokens MAGEwould have allowed the attackers to steal more than one million dollarsof which $850,000 was in USDC.

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This article will be updated as future announcements are made.

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