The country in the world with the most expensive iPhone 14 is close to Romania

Already facing rampant inflation that has made even basic necessities more than 100% more expensive, Turkey is now the “unluckiest” country in which to buy an iPhone 14.

For years, Brazil has been the country with the most expensive iPhones, both relative to the amount you pay with all taxes, but especially relative to purchasing power. But this year, that unwanted distinction goes to a Black Sea country.

On the one hand, it could also be Apple, which has probably compensated with some extra margin for the inflation that threatens to wipe out its profit margins by shipping the iPhone 14 series at a slightly higher recommended retail price than in other parts of the world. But it could also be import duties, which Turkey, a non-EU country, can set at will.

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Starting with the reference area – the United States, the 128GB memory version of the iPhone 14 Pro costs $999 ($1039 after taxes). From there, import taxes and Apple’s cast options bring the final price to US$1829, valid in Brazil, the country that has so far held the status of the region with the most expensive iPhones. This year, the “prize” goes to Turkey, where an iPhone 14 Pro can be had for the equivalent of $2193.

Next on the list of countries with the most expensive iPhone 14s are India, Hungary and Poland.

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The situation doesn’t change much for the entry-level iPhone 14 either. Thus, from the price of $831.29 without taxes, valid in the US and Japan, it goes up to $1699.68 in the offers of Turkish stores, practically doubling the amount mentioned in Apple’s launch event.

Certainly, Turkey isn’t the only country where the iPhone 14 arrives with vastly inflated prices, similar experiences are virtually guaranteed for consumers in any country that has faced alarmingly high inflation over the past year.

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