the cordless TV runs on battery power for a month. Sticks without a wall mount

A company called Displace promises cable-free TV at CES 2023. Displace TV is a seemingly ordinary TV, but a bit thicker than the latest models on the market. It offers a 55″ 4K display and is completely wireless, powered by batteries. What’s more, it doesn’t even come with a remote control, with control being done exclusively with gestures. The whole concept is a bit “sci-fi” given the current TV offerings, but if it really does work, it could bring major changes to the market.

Displace TV runs on batteries and has no remote control

Displace TV promises to rid you of unsightly cords and even a wall mount. That’s because the TV is completely battery powered. It incorporates four proprietary batteries that can be changed, one at a time, even while the TV is on. These should give a total of up to a month’s battery life under normal use, so about a battery a week.

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displace tv battery

For wall mounting, the TV includes a suction system that can virtually glue the TV without requiring holes. How powerful this system is, whether or not it needs to run constantly while the TV is on the wall, or if it adds extra battery drain, we don’t know. It’s a pretty bold proposition, though, as you have to have a lot of faith in this system, which should keep a battery-powered TV glued to the wall without any other safety systems.

The remote control does not come with the TV. In fact, there is no remote control, as the Displace TV is controlled solely by motion gestures captured by its video camera. Alternatively, there is voice control and even touch control. Again, a bold proposition, given that other attempts in the industry to offer these types of control haven’t proved very successful.

The video signal is transmitted wirelessly

As a completely wireless TV, it has no antenna or HDMI connectors. These are all in a separate physical box, but plugged into the power socket. It then wirelessly transmits the video signal to the TV, but we don’t know at what speed, so we don’t know how good such a TV will be for gaming, for example. What’s more, the box can connect to multiple Displace TVs, allowing you to move the content you’re watching from one room to another without much effort, since it comes from the same source all the time.

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displace tv matrix

The strangest proposal from Displace TV, however, is the proposal to put up to four such TVs in a matrix for a 220″ diagonal 8K viewing experience. At $3,000 apiece, there probably won’t be many who will use this capability. The company is taking pre-orders and says only 100 units are currently available for reservation.

Most likely, Displace TV is a concept project, which, if it receives funding and proves popular enough with users, will someday be mass-produced. The high price and at least unusual design and connectivity decisions could, however, keep the general public away from this TV.

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