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SilverCrest true wireless headphones on offer at Lidl. Price and availability


Lidl will once again introduce true wireless headphones under its own brand SilverCrest on offer. The company has sold such devices in the past.

The new models come with medium water resistance (IPX4 certification), which means they can be used during sports sessions, in light rain or can be splashed.

The headphones offer support for voice control via Google Assistant and Siri digital assistants.

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Each battery has a 40 mAh battery, and the case has a 400 mAh battery capacity. The manufacturer’s promised battery life is up to 4.5 hours for music.

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SilverCrest headphones to be sold by Lidl.

For better isolation of the user from background noise, the headphones feature earplugs. Three pairs are available, sizes L, M and S. As expected at this price, active noise cancellation (ANC) technology is missing.

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The headsets have touch zones through which they receive commands: take/end call, pause/play for music, next song, etc.

The casing battery level is indicated by four LEDs. Charging cable is included in the package.

The SilverCrest headphones will be available at Lidl from 28 July for 119 lei. Like other electronics sold by the retailer, the devices will come with an extended 3-year warranty.

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Photo: Lidl.ro

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