The Blockchain Game Alliance welcomes Square Enix

The Japanese Square Enix has joined the Blockchain Game Alliancea consortium chaired by co-founder of The Sandbox and involved in the promotion of the blockchain in the gaming.

This Tuesday, the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) has announced that renowned video game publisher Square Enixbest known for its Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy franchises, was now member of his organization.

Square Enix is one of the first players in the blockchain gaming industry, both as an investor in The Sandbox in 2019 and as a developer and publisher of web3 games. We are delighted that this global gaming giant has officially joined the BGA,” enthused Sébastien Borget, its president and also co-founder of The Sandbox metaverse, in a statement.

Square Enix has indeed put, and maintains today, the on blockchain and NFTsdespite the collapse in crypto-currency prices and the sharp drop in interest in non-fungible tokens.

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The Japanese studio will soon release its first title based on blockchain technology with Symbiogenesis, which will finally see the light of day on Polygon not Ethereum.

“The BGA has made a significant contribution to the promotion of blockchain game and to help members advance their interests in the space. As a sponsor and member, Square Enix will support the BGA’s activities,” said Hideaki Uehara, Director of Business Development at Square Enix.

Members of the Blockchain Game Alliance already included other giants such as Ubisoft and AMD. The organization also includes major crypto players such as Galaxy, Polygon and Tezos.

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Updated article: a previous version contained an error and stated that Sebastien Borget was CEO of The Sandbox.

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