Aptos (APT) surges after announcing alliance with Microsoft

Token price APT grew by more than 15% following thead of a partnership between Aptos Labs and Microsoft aimed at developing solutions based on theAI and the blockchain.

This Wednesday, blockchain startup Aptos labs has announced that it is collaborating with American giant Microsoft to “make Web3 more accessible”.

With the help of Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service, Aptos is consolidating its incredibly fast and highly scalable blockchain as the place to create the world’s most accessible digital experiences,” reads a statement shared by the Aptos Foundation.

The two companies aim to contribute to a “more seamless adoption of Web3” by combining expertise in artificial intelligence and the capabilities of the Aptos blockchain.

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The alliance aims to develop solutions such as tokenization, payment and CBDC services as well as a chatbot AI-based chatbot that will support users within the Aptos ecosystem.

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The intersection of AI and blockchain is one of the most interesting combinations of emerging technologies and can generate transformational use cases,” said Rashmi Misra, general manager, AI & Emerging Technologies at Microsoft, about the partnership.

Between innovative technologies synergies are often possible. The blockchain can thus draw on the advances made in the field ofartificial intelligence. Several Web3 startups, such as Solana, are also exploring the possibilities offered by AI.

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In the wake of the announcement, the APT awardlayer1 native token Aptosjumped more than 15% and is trading at around $7.8 at the time of publication.

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