The Athens headquarters of ‘Real News’ newspaper set on fire

The Athens headquarters of the Greek newspaper ‘Real News’, which also houses the offices of the homonymous radio station, suffered an arson attack early Wednesday morning.

The building, which belongs to the Real Group, is located in the north of the Greek capital and would have suffered an attack, according to initial reports, which indicate that a sound technician had to be rescued by firefighters and transferred to a hospital in the area.

However, the Fire Brigade has indicated in a Twitter message that the fire is under control and confirmed that the fire was started by the use of a device created with a camping gas. The device was found in an external staircase of the building, between the first floor and the second floor, according to information from the newspaper.

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“They are burning us. They are trying to extinguish us,” warned the founder of the Real Group, journalist Nikos Chatzinikolaou.

Economy Minister Adonis Georgiadis has assured that he will not allow the closure of the station or the newspaper although this is not the first time that media and government offices have suffered such attacks in Greece.

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