The Accessible Summer Camp for All arrives in Madrid, with five days of fun, video games and competition.

From July 24 to 28, ONCE Foundationin collaboration with JUNIOR Esports, will organize the Accessible Summer Camp for all Madrid edition.. The venue will be “By Digital Talent”a space for ONCE Foundation equipped with the latest technologies, which will host attendees for five days of learning, video game competition and fun.

In this space, the participants will carry out the proposed activities and it will be the place from which the two scheduled excursions will depart, one of them to the Spanish Paralympic Committee and the following to Warner Parkthanks to the collaboration agreement with the Parques Reunidos Foundation.

All the activities are as follows accessibleand divided into groups of six assistants, up to a total of 24 people (12 disabled and 12 non-disabled participants) will form teams to score points and win the first places, although everyone will have the opportunity to receive prizes possible thanks to the support of partner brands such as OMEN, GGTech, ONCE Social Group, PlayStation, Nintendo, Capgemini Foundation, VIPS, AEVI and KPI.among others.

Kike Garciacreator of the Project Ga11y of accessible videogames, and content creator Lara Smirnova will be the ambassadors of the Summer Camp. Each day will be attended by influencers who will act as captains of the different teams, such as Carmen Sandwich, Alanel Ruedas, Alba Horcajuelo, Dramario, El Profe de Ciencias, Paracetamor, Corvuso Noniwho will share their experiences with all attendees.

Distribution of the days

Monday 24The opening of the Camp will be held by the hand of By Talento Digital. The first day will begin with the PlayStation Challengea content block offered by Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain which will begin with the talk “Getting to know the PlayStation Talents program” where those responsible for the Spanish development support program will explain what it is like to create an indie videogame, among other topics. This activity will end with a Kahoot, a quiz challenge with prizes for the highest scorers. After the talks, the organizers will challenge participants to play some titles from PlayStation 5The first part of the program, taking full advantage of its accessibility features with a variety of challenges and to finish, there will be an interview and Meet&Greet with content creator Albi HM.

PlayStation’s attendance at the camp is the perfect opportunity to showcase the best practices that have been implemented in video games such as The Last of Us Part I Remake or God of war Ragnarok, accessibility benchmarks within the video game industry, as they include more than 80 accessibility measures that allow a blind person to play the entire video game from start to finish..

Kike Garcia, by ONCE Foundation

Tuesday 25: on this day all participants will attend the Spanish Paralympic Committee. Upon arrival, they will be given a talk to inform them about how the Committee works and then they will have fun with a Gymkana of four tests of adapted sports: basketball, rugby and volleyball. Finally, they will have the opportunity to meet an high performance athlete.

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Wednesday 26The day, which will include the collaboration of L3tcraft Educationwill begin with an educational workshop on the potential of the Minecraft in education, which will be accompanied by a Kahoot. In addition, there will be challenges with Minecraft and will be terminated with the activity of the Ga11y sensory puzzles.

Thursday 27: the Capgemini Foundation will give a talk on “GPT ChatThe groups will compete to create a poem and the Artificial Intelligence will decide the winner. After the talk, participants will have an excursion to the Warner Park.

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Friday 28: on the last day will be present the KPI esports team. There will be a talk by two of their influencers, Corvus and Train, and an activity of VALORANT. The presence of OMENHP’s specialized gaming brand, will provide state-of-the-art, high-performance gaming PCs. OMEN’s goal is to provide participants with the necessary tools to improve their performance and enjoy the experience to the fullest. In addition, OMEN will promote important values such as teamwork and the desire to improve themselves.. Participants will also be able to enjoy an immersive game thanks to the masks of Ga11y with 3D maps, which will add a new dimension to the gaming experience.

To end the day, the following will be organized a Masyebra show (mentalism) to give way to the closing of the camp with the awarding of prizes, including HYPERX CLOUD II Headphones from OMENgame codes and merchandising of PlayStationdouble tickets for GAMERGYpacks of Nintendo and a visit to the KPI Gaming House.

Point out that Ga11y: accessible video games from ONCE Foundationpromotes equal opportunities and, above all, beyond achieving leisure for all, demonstrates that ensuring an inclusive environment for people with disabilities, in which they can interact with other people with or without disabilities, is a benefit in the development of social and communication skills of these people, which will make them have a better quality in some periods of their life as in training or employment, enhancing certain softskills, such as teamwork, critical thinking or kindness.

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