The 15 best Christmas gifts for home theater and film fans in 2023

Our Christmas gift tips for home theater and film fans.  (Image: Sofiia Tiuleneva -

Our Christmas gift tips for home theater and film fans. (Image: Sofiia Tiuleneva –

For some, Christmas means tea, cookies and B-movies dressed as Santa, for others it’s pure stress: Who should you get something for on Christmas Eve?

We’ll help you out with 15 gift ideas.

Our selection does not consist of best lists or particularly cheap offers, but rather things that we ourselves are happy about or that we would also give as a gift. Of course, we thought of every wallet size.

Max Schwind

Maxe is a fan of Christmas because there is delicious food and he has an excuse to give something to friends and family. Call it corny, but someone being happy about the right gift is a thousand times more rewarding than anything you could get yourself.

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Gifts under 50 euros

1. Film book MOVIE NIGHT: A 52 week film challenge

Passionate cinephiles could talk for hours about the details of their favorite films. The book “MOVIE NIGHT: A 52 Week Film Challenge” is something like a friend’s book and film challenge at the same time.

For each week, the book sets a challenge, such as watching a sports film or a film that won an Oscar. The book then asks, among other things, which scene you liked best and how you would rate the film.

This means the recipient will be more engaged with the films they are watching and may find one or two gems.

2. Groot flowerpot

The avid film and series fan likes to surround himself with merchandise. So why not combine it with the useful?

The plastic Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy” looks cute on his own, but small flower pots or plants can be placed in his head. Here’s how you can grow your own custom-made Groot.

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3. External hard drive Intenso External SSD 256GB Premium

Admittedly, you rarely need external storage on your television – unless you record a lot of free TV programs via EPG.

Most TVs have a USB recording function and the more memory the external medium has available, the less risk you run of not being able to record your favorite show.

The Intenso External SSDs are also relatively narrow: with dimensions of 9 x 5.4 x 0.9 cm, the data grab even fits under the cable input flap on some models.

4. Universalfernbedienung All for One Smart Control 5

Techies know the problem: Every new device at home comes with its own remote control and soon you have hordes of push buttons flying around and slipping into cracks in the couch.

Fortunately, there are combination remote controls that solve exactly this problem, for example the Smart Control 5 from All for One.

Up to five devices can be set up and programmed via smartphone. The manufacturer also promises future security for all common brands, both TVs and peripherals.

5. Digital alarm clock shaped like a movie clapperboard from Out of the Blue

Giving the living room – or bedroom – more film flair can be so easy. Why not turn an everyday object into a prop?

The digital alarm clock from Out of the Blue not only looks like a clapperboard, the front only reveals at second glance that there is really a clock hidden there, including a date display.

6. Streaming voucher for a service of your choice (e.g. Netflix)

The easiest way to make a film fan happy is to add a contribution to their streaming subscription – or another that the person doesn’t have. After all, there is entertaining content to be found everywhere.

The Netflix voucher is only an example here; you can also buy credit from other service providers such as Disney Plus, usually even in the supermarket around the corner.

Gifts up to 100 euros

7. Streaming peripherals (e.g. Amazon Fire TV stick)

Sometimes the television is not powerful enough for streaming, so peripherals are needed. In addition to consoles or the Apple TV, a moderately priced and versatile way to get started with 4K streaming is an Amazon Fire TV stick.

4K resolution, all common HDR modes and Dolby Atmos support are in the stick, and there’s voice control on top of that. If you haven’t tried streaming yet, you can get started with this HDMI player.

8. Govee DreamView T1

Ambilight is a popular feature that only Philips televisions have natively. LEDs located in the chassis cast light onto the wall behind the TV. In our article we explain why so many people like Ambilight.

With the Govee DreamView T1 you can retrofit Ambilight on your television at home. The same effect can be achieved by attaching LED strips to the housing. A camera takes the image and ensures that what is shown is transferred to the LEDs.

9. Sony MDR-RF895RK

Dialogue in films that is too quiet is a widespread problem. Sometimes it may be the noisy environment that you want to block out.

Instead of relying on your TV’s speakers, you can also use wireless headphones (if your TV is Bluetooth-enabled). The Sony model also comes with a jack cable, should it not be one.

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If you are not satisfied with the sound of your flicker box, this could be a solution.

10. LUCY Smart Cap

You can forget about drinking during the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition marathon. Lucy, the smart drinking bottle cap, reminds you of this.

The app tracks how much you’ve drunk and reminds you when it’s time for the next sip. You can check your drinking statistics on the associated app.

You can read a detailed review of Lucy by our author Martin.

11. Celexon Inflatable Outdoor Screen

Admittedly, watching films in the garden on a warm summer night sounds more like a wish. Not only do you need a projector in the best case scenario, but you also need a wall onto which you can throw the image. At least we can help with the second one.

An inflatable screen is clever and, above all, saves a lot of space. The Celexon copy comes in a size of 310 x 174 cm (that corresponds to a screen diagonal of around 140 inches) and comes with pegs, rope and blower.

Oh yes, the men’s European Football Championship is in 2024 and you want to be prepared.

Gifts over 100 euros

12. Nanoleaf Starter-Kit

Indirect light in the living room not only helps with the contrast on the television or projector image, but is also very cozy. If you want to spruce up your home cinema a little, the lights from Nanoleaf are a good option.

The hexagon shapes of the lights allow you to create your own patterns and use them as accent lighting to match the film or game. Michael Myers is just picking up a kitchen knife? Red light as an ambience fits wonderfully.

Nanoleaf’s smart lights are programmable, smart and can be installed without additional tools. You can read more about this in the test from our editor Jan.

13. Smart thermos mug Ember Mug²

Hot black coffee (or tea), boy! Who does not know it? You make yourself a cup of punch to watch a Christmas movie – and forget to drink because of the movie. Less of a problem with water and soft drinks, but hot drinks taste better when they’re, well, hot.

Enter: Ember Mug. There are warming pads that you can place cups on; in this model, the pad is installed directly under the cup. It recognizes when it needs to switch off, shows when the drinking temperature has been reached and can be controlled via the app.

14. Popcorn machine from Rosenstein & Söhne

We’ll safely ignore nachos with cheese sauce at this point, because what would a movie night be without popcorn? Of course it tastes best when popped yourself and still warm.

The popcorn machine from Rosenstein & Söhne satisfies exactly these cravings. Not only does it have a retro chic look, the stainless steel pot uses high-quality material. Above all, you can provide friends with 50 grams of popcorn per load.

15. Soundbar Samsung HW-Q60B

Does your film-loving partner often complain about the miserable sound from the OLED television? A soundbar could help.

The HW-Q60B from Samsung is a 3.1 system and comes with an external subwoofer. It also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS, making it a powerful upgrade for home cinema straight away.

If you are looking for a different, cheaper soundbar, please take a look at our six tips that you should consider before buying.

These 15 ideas don’t appeal to you? We have another list of our 30 most popular tech gifts for Christmas.

With our list you’re sure to find something for the film fan in your family. What will you give as a gift for Christmas? Did you get a cool idea from our list? Where does your budget usually lie? Or maybe you don’t give anything away for Christmas? Share your traditions with us in the comments.

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