Tesla working on ‘next generation’ electric vehicle -.

As part of a recent investor relations call, Tesla revealed that it has plans to build a “next generation” electric car to be produced. The car would be made of fewer rare earth metals and will be built faster, and as for other details, the automaker is holding back further information.

What we do know is that the car will be built at the company’s Mexican Gigafactory, which was also just recently announced, and you can see a render of what it might look like below.

Tesla further confirmed during the interview that the Cybertruck will (finally) go into production this year, and that the company also has plans for a next-generation power source, which is also said to be less environmentally damaging.

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These are all parts of an effort to ramp up car production, all at lower cost and with less environmental impact across the board for the company, which hopes to put this fully into practice with the next-generation vehicle.

Tesla is working on a "next generation" electric vehicle

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