Tesla: Model 3 gets a new version with more range

The new Tesla model wants to impress with a revised interior and more range.  (Source: Tesla)

The new Tesla model wants to impress with a revised interior and more range. (Source: Tesla)

Tesla likes to describe itself as a pioneer of e-mobility – the history of the company’s own electric cars began in 2017, before the mid-range car called Model 3 was brought to Europe two years later.

A total of six years after its initial release, Tesla is now giving the Model 3 a facelift Highland mentioned car, in which, according to the manufacturer, more than half of the parts were replaced.

Tesla Model 3: More aerodynamics for more range

As a result, the front section has been significantly slimmed down, the headlights are also narrower and the front bumpers are smoothed. This results in an air resistance coefficient of 0.219, which in turn promises better aerodynamics than its predecessor.

According to Tesla, this should Range increase of 13 percent to be possible. In absolute numbers, this means a range of 629 kilometers for the dual-motor model of the Model 3, while the single motor and rear-wheel drive have a range of up to 513 kilometers.

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Buyers of the variant with smaller 18-inch rims should be able to add another 40 to 50 kilometers to the maximum range.

The top speed drops slightly to 201 km/h. The Model 3 with rear-wheel drive should reach 100 km/h within 6.1 seconds, while the dual motor can do this within 4.4 seconds.

The end of the turn signal lever

The interior of the Model 3 has also been heavily modified. Instead of the classic indicator levers, there are now capacitive buttons on the steering wheel that are responsible for the display.

The car seats were also replaced so that the front seats are now ventilated. The rear seats, on the other hand, receive better padding for greater comfort.

In the cockpit there is a new touchscreen with a diagonal of 8 inches, which is responsible for controlling the air conditioning and the entertainment options. The latter point is joined by a new audio system with 17 speakers and customizable ambient lighting.

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The new parts are intended, among other things, to ensure a quieter interior of the Model 3 due to the built-in acoustic glass.

These promises don’t sound bad at first glance, but Tesla has now earned the dubious reputation of cheating in some areas – for example with the range information, which potentially doesn’t always tell the truth:

Regardless of this, Tesla is undeterred and has already announced the release of the revised Model 3. The new electric car is scheduled to be delivered to the first customers in autumn 2023; pre-orders have already begun on the official website. The price of the new Model 3 starts at 43,000 euros.

Real pioneer or grossly overpriced – what do you think of Tesla electric cars? Under what circumstances would buying a Tesla make sense for you? Or do you prefer to look at other alternatives in the area of ​​e-mobility? If yes, which? Let us know in the comments!

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