Galaxy S23 release date leaked online by Samsung itself

Until now we only had information from unofficial sources talking about the release date of Samsung’s new high-end Galaxy S23 series smartphones. However, it seems that one of the South Korean company’s divisions published launch information before it was officially announced. On Samsung Columbia’s website, the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event was listed for a brief period of time, confirming rumors that talked about a February 1 date.

When the Galaxy S23 series launches

It looks like we’re just weeks away from the official announcement of the Galaxy S23 series, and the event is reportedly scheduled to be held in the US, in the city of San Francisco. This information hasn’t been confirmed yet, as the listing on the Colombian site only mentioned a date of February 1, but the same source that previously provided the unofficial date information that has now been confirmed, Ice Universe, said that the event would take place in the US city.

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It looks like the increased prices we’ll see in 2023 for the Galaxy S23 series will be justified by the fact that the base variant with 128GB internal storage will be discontinued. Instead, all new S23 models will integrate a minimum of 256 GB storage. Also, the Ultra model will boot straight out with 12 GB of Ram memory, without an 8 GB variant.

In a way, it’s good news for fans, as this year’s 256GB models won’t be significantly more expensive than last year’s 256GB models. On the other hand, not all users need 256 GB smartphone storage and would prefer the base 128 GB model at a more affordable price.

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Other information about the Galaxy S23 that the new rumors have revealed are the names of the four phone colors. As we saw in the leaked images on the internet, the phones in the new series from Samsung will come in yellow, pink, green and black, which will be called Cotton Flower, Misty Lilac, Botanic Green and Phantom Black. All appear to offer a matte texture to the glass back cover.

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