Tesla cars to get internet via Starlink satellites

SpaceX has identified a need that humanity will have in the very near future: internet connections from anywhere, even places without autonomy. So Starlink, its network of high-speed internet satellites, could become very important in the next few years. After announcing a partnership with T-Mobile to provide phone signal even without signal towers, directly by connecting to 5G “antennas” on satellites, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk also confirmed that Tesla cars will be able to connect to Starlink internet.

Tesla owners will have internet in their cars even in areas without phone signal

The official announcement in which SpaceX and T-Mobile announced their partnership only mentioned that smartphones on T-Mobile’s network will receive 5G signal via Starlink V2 even when out of range of terrestrial antennas. So on mountaintops or in rural areas, you’ll still be able to receive calls or send messages, even though the internet signal would probably still be weak in those conditions.

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Asked about Starlink V2 on Twitter, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO confirmed that Tesla cars equipped with “premium connectivity,” the pay-monthly option package that provides internet access in cars, will also get the same functionality. The service won’t become available until next year, but it will certainly help in many critical situations. For example, without an internet signal, Tesla cars wouldn’t be able to quickly create routes to the nearest charging station.

Starlink has also recently received a price cut in many countries around the world, including Romania. The service now costs less than half of what it originally cost when it launched, and even the cost of the equipment has been significantly reduced.

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