Terra Nil now available for Nintendo Switch – That’s Gaming

The Game Award nominated environmental strategy game Terra Nil was released TODAY on the Nintendo Switch!

Developed by South Africa’s own Free Lives (Broforce, Gorn, Anger Foot), Terra Nil is a relaxed, meditative twist on the urban planning genre. Using advanced eco-technology, you transform desolate, barren deserts into thriving, vibrant ecosystems. Soil is purified, oceans cleansed, trees planted and wildlife reintroduced as you transform a dead world into a living one – only to clean it all up and leave no trace.

There are four very different, repeatable, procedurally generated biomes to tackle in the game, including volcanic glaciers, ruined cities and tropical islands. Each has its own challenging climate, geology, flora and fauna. Create swamps, rainforests, rivers and more and watch a dry, cracked landscape suddenly come alive with life and color.

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Previously only available on PC and mobile via Netflix, today’s release marks the debut of Terra Nil on the Nintendo Switch: the perfect platform for nature restoration on the go.

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