Ten Nigerian singers investigated for allegedly “corrupting public morality” on TikTok

An Islamic court in the northern Nigerian state of Kano has ordered the investigation of ten popular singers who upload content to the social network TikTok for allegedly “corrupting public morality.”

This was stated by the spokesman for the judiciary in Kano state, Baba Jibo Ibrahim, in statements to the British channel BBC, where he detailed that the order to investigate the singers followed a complaint from a group of lawyers accusing them of using obscene language in their songs.

Authorities in northern Nigeria say that if police investigations find sufficient evidence, “the musicians would be prosecuted.”

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Faced with these accusations, the popular singers of the social network have not made any kind of comment, as picked up by the aforementioned chain.

Kano is among a dozen states in northern Nigeria where ‘sharia’ or Islamic law is practiced, along with the country’s secular laws.

Several artists have been jailed in the past in the region for promoting what authorities called “immorality.”

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