Telo builds small electric pickup truck –

Electric vehicle manufacturer Telo has announced that it is working on an electric pickup truck designed for city life. What this basically means is that the vehicle is quite small, while being ” Toyota Tacoma capabilities, Tesla-like range and efficiency, in the footprint of a Mini Cooper.” as Telo’s website states.

The truck is said to be as long as that of a Mini Cooper SE, has a truck bed as large as a Toyota Tacoma, as well as room for five adults in the cab, in addition to offering four doors. As for how the truck manages to offer all this, it has a very short front end that saves space.

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In terms of statistics, Telo promises 0-60 mph in four seconds, a range of 350 miles on one charge and 500 horsepower, all from its 106 kWh battery that can be charged from 20-80% in 20 minutes.

In terms of pricing for the Telo, the truck is scheduled to clock in at $49,999 as a base price.

Telo builds small electric pickup truck

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