Telegram gets a crypto wallet, Toncoin (TON) climbs

The messaging app Telegram will offer a native crypto wallet network-based TON and named TON Space. The token Toncoin is displayed in increase.

This Wednesday, on the occasion of the Token2049 in Hong Kong, Telegram Messenger and The Open Network (TON)the foundation that took over its aborted blockchain project in 2020 following an SEC complaint, have announced a partnership to offer a non-depository crypto wallet at 800 million users of the encrypted messaging application.

Telegram’s mission has always been to enable free speech, but speech is so much more in the digital age. We believe users have the right to own their identity and assets. With TON Space, users now have the technology to make this practical,” trumpeted Telegram’s CIO.

Projects built on YOUR will now be able to reach Telegram users as part of the ” largest Web3/Web2 partnership that ever existed”, in the words of John Hyman.

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The portfolio designed by The Open Network was already available as a stand-alone bot. It will now be easily accessible to all users from the application settings. Worldwide deployment of TON Space – except in the US – is scheduled for November.

The price of a native TON token, Toncoinrose in the wake of the announcement, gaining nearly 15% over 24 hours to around $1.9. Its price had already risen significantly this month.

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