Less than 1 in 5 French people think crypto is an interesting investment: Ifop

According to a recent Ifop surveyonly 15% from French believe that the crypto-currencies are interesting savings investments. Among the young peopleIt is not surprising that it is near the double.

An Ifop survey conducted online in February 2023 for the Cercle de l’épargne indicates that 85% of French people find that it is not not interesting to invest your savings in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Do you think it is currently interesting or not interesting to invest your savings in … ?

In a similar Ifop survey conducted in early 2022, this figure reached 78% while the price of BTC was evolving around 40,000 dollars. At the time, it was therefore a little more than 1 in 5 French people who praised the investment in the crypto against less than 1 today.

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More than half of those surveyed believe that the Livret A, life insurance and the rental of real estate are interesting savings solutions.

Responses regarding digital assets vary widely depending on age of those surveyed. Thus, the 18-24 and 25-34 years old are respectively 36% and 27% to find crypto an interesting investment. When the 50-64 years are only 7% to believe that this new asset class offers opportunities.

According to a study by Adan and KPMG published last year, 76% of French people have already heard of crypto-currencies and 8% have already made an investment.

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